Why is vinyl siding still the #1 exterior cladding in the U.S. and Canada? Because it’s more than durable, it’s reliable. That’s why vinyl siding manufacturers back their products with straight-forward warranties. Most offer a lifetime warranty for the original owner and typically carry a prorated warranty of at least 50 years to subsequent owners.


Vinyl Siding Value

For all the beauty and durability vinyl siding delivers, what homeowners often appreciate most is its low total installed cost — lower than all other exterior cladding — which is backed by most manufacturers with a lifetime warranty. It’s also inexpensive to maintain because it never needs painting, caulking, or re-pointing; periodic cleaning requires nothing more than a soapy sponge and water.

Vinyl and insulated siding consistently rank among the highest returns on investment for remodeling projects.

Vinyl Siding is one of the best ways to make your home more comfortable and save money on utility costs. You can quickly improve energy efficiency by installing insulation. But insulating the wall cavities and ceilings of your home isn’t always enough. Heat can escape through the wall studs and other framing, wasting energy and money through a phenomenon known as the “thermal bridging” effect. By cladding the exterior of your home with insulated siding, however, you can further reduce heat loss and improve your home’s curb appeal. Choosing insulated siding certified through the VSI Product Certification Program will not only increase your home’s energy efficiency, but give you confidence that your home’s exterior will maintain its beauty and durability over time.
Why vinyl siding? Peace of mind.

Vinyl and other polymeric siding, including insulated siding, are each certified and independently verified to meet or exceed unique quality standards and performance characteristics. This is your assurance that the product you choose will help protect your home:

  • In extreme weather events (all certified vinyl siding is tested to withstand winds of 110 mph, and most achieve a wind rating higher than that) including climate change — vinyl siding will withstand the hottest summers and sub-zero winters

  • Against color fade, because certified products come with another level of assurance when certified for color retention (and there are hundreds to choose from)

  • Against rot and decay, because polymer-based sidings do not absorb water and their rain screening design does not trap water behind the siding — whereas fiber-based products may disintegrate over time when moisture penetrates the plank

  • By making it more energy efficient when you choose insulated siding, because it blankets your home in continuous insulation which fight heat loss through the framing lumber

Vinyl Siding Durability
Deftly withstanding winds of 110 mph (and most achieve a wind rating higher than that), and resisting the weathering effects of heat, cold, and moisture, properly installed certified vinyl siding will retain its great looks, guaranteed. Vinyl siding manufacturers generally offer a lifetime warranty for the original home owner and typically carry a prorated warranty of at least 50 years to subsequent owners. Now imagine, you get all this protection without ever needing to paint, stain, caulk or re-paint!

Energy Efficient Vinyl Siding
Insulated siding can improve a home’s energy efficiency. Most exterior walls have insulation in between the wall studs, but allow significant energy loss through the studs themselves. Wall studs, both wood and metal, are poor insulators — when they come in contact with the exterior cladding, they allow heat to pass through them (which is called a thermal bridge). Because these studs represent up to 25 percent of the wall surface of an average home, it’s like having an entire exterior wall with no insulation at all.

Insulated siding improves energy efficiency by reducing thermal bridging — like a blanket, it is continuous insulation over the studs, which helps homes stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Insulated siding is also available as a single course and in several deep reveals for exceptional aesthetics. Its rigid foam insulation is laminated or permanently attached to the panel.

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