The Benefits of Installing Wood Shingles

Posted on: May 18th, 2014 by cinc1234

cedar shinglesPeople who are living in extreme climatic conditions should look for roofing shingles so that their home roofing systems are not damaged easily. You may or may not have to remove your existing roof before installing your cedar shingles, and as such you will likely expose your home and belongings to the elements. The homeowner in Cincinnati OH chose architectural shingles, which cost considerably more than basic three-tab shingles, but which have a longer life and a more interesting, textured appearance. Cincinnati Roofing Contractors can cover all your roofing needs, whether a new roof, or a re-roof, or just a roof repair. Installing asphalt shingles is easier, if you have some basic knowledge of roofing. Architectural shingles are made similarly to regular 3-tab shingles, using a fiberglass base coated with asphalt, but are much heavier in comparison.

The most popular types of wood siding are wood shingles and the wood clapboard siding. Both wood shingles and shakes come packaged the same as for asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are amongst the cheapest types of roofing material available. Wood roofing material is produced in either shingles or shakes. Cedar shingles are a noble material, which come from a renewable resource, and it has been used for centuries. Asphalt roof shingles are the most popular choice for roofing material.

Wood shingle siding can be made out of any wood type. The most economical and feasible solution to correcting a curled wood shingle is to remove and replace the shingle with a new wood shingle. The most common type of wood shingle siding used to be cedar due to the many benefits that it confers. One can think of wood shingle siding much the same way that you would think of roof shingles. Interlayment is acceptable on a shake roof, but never on a wood shingle roof. You may consider some wood shingle roof systems to be friendly to passer-byes.

Bottom edges of asphalt shingles should be aligned with the top of tabs of roof shingles in the previous row. One you have covered both sides of the roof, you will need to attach a roof ridge shingle. After the first row is installed, the second row will go quickly, as the measurements taken are to be chalked well in advance. When you have reached the top of your roof, you should trim the top of the last row of shingles even with the ridge. Both sides of the roof should be completed before you place the final sheet on the roof peak. Once the last row is fixed, you will have to install the ridge roll.

Wood shake shingles are rougher in appearance and thicker than wooden cedar shingles. Real cedar shingles and shakes are perennial favorites for roofs because of their natural, rustic appearance. Wood shingles and shakes, typically made of decay-resistant cedar, are prized for their rustic beauty and ability to adapt to intricate architectural styles. Timberline architectural shingles are made to look like wood shakes.

Common materials for a wooden roof are red cedar shake shingles and yellow pine. Bob from Cincy roofing visits Vancouver, British Columbia, to see how high quality red cedar shingles are made. As well as being striking to look at and making your house look amazing, western red cedar shingles are famous for being resistant to moisture and insects. White Cedar is long lasting, insect-resistant, weather repellent with good insulation. For more information on Real wood shingles in the Cincinnati area, contact

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